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Main Title

First off move over to the Classic Editor. To do this look in the upper right hand corner of the window and click on the link "Switch to Classic Mode"


To create the Main Title like shown above type the following:

! Main Title



Items of Note:

This is very similar to the Main Title


Just type:

!! Items of Note:



Individual entries

  • A simple list
  • In alphabetical order


The Individual entries and lists are easy to do:


Just type:

!!! Individual entries

* A simple list

* In alphabetical order


Please keep in mind that all lists should be in alphabetical order.


Creating Article Links


To create a link to a page in this site just put the item in [] like:

[Creating Article Links]


Links to sites like Paizo


Using the above method you can create links to site that are out-side of this site also just use the [] and | to separate the url and the item display:




Except from Heroes of Golarion:

xyzs lkwnxi ifkjlzxbkjc jkbs kjchb gkjrebxi nblaskjhc.


For excepted text just put a space in front of the paragraph and place two single quotes before and after the text like this:

 ''xyzs lkwnxi ifkjlzxbkjc jkbs kjchb gkjrebxi nblaskjhc.''


Pictures and maps

Pictures should not exceed 680px in width. You can examine this by checking the properties of the image.

If you have a larger image, scale it down and name FileName_small.jpg name the original FileName_large.jpg and upload these to the site here.


You can then insert the images:


To do this type:

If the image has a large and small size: <a href="/f/FileName_large.jpg"><img src="/f/FileName_small.jpg"></a>

If the image has only one size: <img src="/f/FileName.jpg">

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