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Sandpoint is a simple and relatively peaceful town. Wood buildings and cluttered docks, farms and the manors of wealthy citizens dot the surrounding countryside. During the day, fishing, farming, lumbering, glassmaking, and shipbuilding occupy most of the townsfolk. The town has a playhouse, and its many taverns offer more 'normal' entertainment, but Sandpoint also has the Old Light, what looks like a lighthouse of ancient origins that currently lies in ruins. Devoid of many of the dangers of a true frontier town and intrigues of a sprawling city, Sandpoint nonetheless has had its share of troubles. The fading scars of a recent terror still linger, a time most folk refer to as the Late Unpleasantness.


Creatures from the area:

Goblins Wolves, snakes, and oversized weasels primarily stalk the deer and hares common to the area, along with the occasional stray farm animal, making attacks on

humanoids rare.

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